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Geospatial Engineering:

Geographical Information System

Geospatial Engineering is one ofthe domain where VAInd Technologies comprise their core competency. The major GIS services are Web-based GIS, Road Network &Navigation GIS and Utility Mapping GIS.


GIS softwarefacilitateuserto get and analysegeospatial data in anappropriate format which helps data interpretation not only easier, but much simpler to understand. Unfortunately, everybody cannotaccess GIS, nor would be capable to spend requiredtime to use it efficiently. Therefore, Web GIS has turn out to be aneconomical and effectivemean of accessing geospatial data and processing tools.There are number of techniquesavailable to illustrate map data on the Web, varying from simply published static Web maps to dynamic maps web portal, interactively customized maps and multiple computer platforms and operating systems.

VAInd hostweb based GIS data for Villages, Towns, Cities, States and Counties and offercost-effective and quality solutions to clients. We have a qualified and experienced team who provide web-based GIS services. VAInd offers modern functionality and world-class services to our clients and Web-GIS consumers.

Road Network &Navigation GIS

Expert Navigation Data-set contains most common data for navigation like Roads,Slip road,Layby's,Roundabouts ,Road Functional class,Dual carriage way, one-way roads, road type, street and road names. In addition, it includes information of lanes, feasible average driving speed, turn restrictions, time restrictions, restrictions depending on vehicle type, warning signs etc. This rich data-set turns out to be a valuable asset and used for real-time navigation.

VAInd has very good expertise in Road Network and Navigation. Our experts have a very good and proven record of quality assurance and achievementswith in-time deliveries for Digitization, Attribution & Data Updation. Along with these, we also carry out the actions that are described in the client's work instructions according to sequence and create Final Output in GDB format.

UtilityMapping GIS

The ultimate objective of any utility service is to plan and manage the use of facilities and to deliver acommodity such as water, gas, electricityetc. to their consumers.

Under the competency of Utility Mapping GIS service, VAInd provides Base map preparation using remote sensing, GIS and other spatial/geospatialtechniques, All technical issues involved in GIS, Field data collection, Integration of GIS and MIS. Along with these designing and training module for GIS,MIS and total station survey, Consumer indexing and utility network tracingactivities are also part of our GIS services. Our team is expertise in AM/FM projects.

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