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Resource Management Solutions:

We provide onsite work force solutions, serving clients for recruitment and Staffing solutions across industries. We are the service provider to companies according to their specific needs and requirements. We are continuously working to provide a complete and integrated talent management solution in order to meet temporary and permanent needs of our clients in their respective expertise domains.

VAInd value the elegant business decision of our clients of hiring Manpowerfrom VAInd in order to acquire a competent talent for minimizing the process time and risks of hiring inappropriate resource. Our staffing services are adapted to permit organizations to meet the most excellent and suitable talent in today's rapidlyvarying industrial scenario so that client canincorporate flexibility into their professionals and make suretheir taskforce can focus on their core business and work.

VAInd's candidate selection process is not only limited to their qualifications or experience, but also to discover their individual qualities and aptitude. A combination of qualifications, experience,individual qualities and aptitudecomprise the significant points of the candidate's selection and employment/job offer.

VAInd provides following onsite Manpower Solutions.

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